Task 24

Video-Task 24

It was June, and Roger and Madeleine were on holiday, travelling in Italy. They were visiting Milan, and Venice, and Florence and Rome, and they were having a wonderful time. Roger was very happy because he was able to understand Italian pretty well — the result of the Italian course that he took last winter. His Italian was especially useful when they went to restaurants, and it was time to order from the menu. Many of the menus were in English, of course, but the translations weren’t usually very good, and it was a good opportunity for Roger to practise his Italian.

One evening, in Rome, they decided to have dinner in a little pizzeria in the centre of town, near the Coliseum. “It’s so picturesque!” said Madeleine, “I adore dining al fresco — is that the correct expression, Roger?” Madeleine didn’t know very much Italian, except for expressions like “buon giorno

and “al fresco”. While Roger was studying Italian last winter, she was taking yoga lessons.

Now, Madeleine can’t see very well — she has to wear glasses. But in spite of her yoga training she’s a bit vain — she thinks she looks like a schoolteacher with her glasses on, so she prefers to wear contact lenses. But that evening she had a little headache, so she decided not to wear her contacts. “Roger can translate the menu for me,” she said.

And so they had a nice pizza — “Margherita” for Roger, and “Capricciosa” for Madeleine — and then they went for a romantic walk in Rome.

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