Task 22

Video-Task 22

Do you remember who Doug Macdonald and Melanie Mackinlay are…?
Well, Doug is madly in love with Melanie, as you must remember. He thinks he was very lucky to meet her, and he will never forget the day they met. In his room Doug has an old calendar from two years ago. One day in particular is marked on the calendar: Tuesday, the second of April. That’s the day he met Melanie. He has also marked the time they met: one twenty-seven p.m.

On the second of April, every year, he thinks: “That’s another year gone by. Another y

ear that I’ve known her. Another year since we met.”

He calls Melanie to tell her, of course: “Today’s our anniversary!”
But it’s a long time from one anniversary to the next, so Doug also commemorates the months that he has known Melanie. On the second of every month, at exactly 1.27 p.m., Doug thinks: “That’s another month gone by. Another month that I’ve known her.”

He counts the months, he counts the weeks, and he counts the days that he has known Melanie. He even counts the hours and… yes, the minutes. But not the seconds — that would be a bit too much, even for Doug.

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