Task 20

Video-Task 20

Ándrea Nicholson and Nícola Andrews are students in Edinburgh — at the famous university there. Ándrea studies art, and Nícola studies musicology. They’re very interested in Italian art, Italian music, the Italian language, and… well, you know!

Now, Edinburgh is a pretty cold place, even in spring, so last April, during their spring break, Ándrea and Nícola decided to leave Edinburgh and take a little trip — to Italy. They wanted to see some Italian art, hear some Italian music, eat some Italian food, and — maybe — meet some Italian… people.

Nicóla Andreani and Andréa Nicolini are students at the University of Bologna. Nicóla studies medicine, and Andréa studies economics. They study English, too — it’s necessary for their university studies — but unfortunately there’s not a English School in Bologna, so they don’t speak English very well. At the weekend, Nicóla and Andréa like to go to Florence, to meet English-speaking tourists — it gives them an opportunity to practise their English, and … well, you know!

Now, Nicóla and Andréa were walking on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, one nice Saturday afternoon last April and they saw… Ándrea and Nícola, from Edinburgh, looking in a shop window. Ándrea and Nícola saw Nicóla and Andréa, and… well, you know!

Nicóla was the first to speak. He was interested in Ándrea, and so he said, in his best English: “Wot

eez yor ném?” When he discovered that Ándrea’s name was… Ándrea, he was very surprised. “De sém like my frend!” he said. “Heez ném’s Andréa too!” “Really?” said Ándrea. “What a coincidence! And what’s your name?” “My ném eez Nicóla,” said Nicóla. “Oh!” said Ándrea. “That’s really a coincidence! My friend’s name is Nícola!”
Well, Ándrea liked Nicóla, and Nícola liked Andréa, so they said: “Of course! That’s why we came to Italy!”

They all had a great time that weekend, and now Nicóla and Andréa are planning a trip to Edinburgh next summer.

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