Task 17

Video-Task 17

Linda asked Susan if she wanted to have lunch with her and John, and then go to the Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery. Susan said she couldn’t make it for lunch, but she wanted to go to the exhibition. So they decided to meet at the gallery, at half past three.

Phil asked Pete if they could meet at three o’clock in the afternoon. Pete said he was busy. He told Phil he was free at four. But Phil had a meeting at four. So they decided to meet after work, at half past five, in the pub.

Phyllis asked Jessica if they could meet for lunch on Wednesday, but Jessica said she was busy. She told Phyllis she was free on Thursday, but Phyllis had a dentist’s appointment on Thursday morning. So they decided to meet for tea on Thursday afternoon.

Phyllis Grant-Ferguson had a big party last week — last Saturday night, actually. It was her birthday. Which birthday was top secret, but it was probably her forty-second or forty-third.

Now, Phyllis’s birthday parties are always a lot of fun, and she always invites a lot of people. So she wanted to invite her good friends Jessica and Alan Forsyth, but they were never at home — and, for some strange reason, their mobile phones didn’t connect.  Phyllis tried

and tried, but she never spoke to them.

Now, Jessica knew it was Phyllis’s birthday, and she was expecting an invitation. But she didn’t know that her mobile phone wasn’t working.

On Saturday night, about eleven o’clock, in the middle of the party, Phyllis decided to try calling Alan and Jessica, just one more time. And… this time, they answered the phone! At first, Phyllis thought Jessica wasn’t well, because her voice was very strange. But when she told Jessica to come to the party — immediately — Jessica felt much better. She and Alan went to the party, and they had a wonderful time.

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