Task 13

Video-Task 13

I have some very nice Italian friends, named Maurizio and Laura.  They’re from Milan.  Maurizio works for a big international company,  and Laura is a research assistant at the university.  Maurizio and Laura like to travel.  Three years ago they went to Ireland,  and two years ago they went to England.  Last year they went to America.  They were in America  for three weeks.  They left Italy on the 15th of August.  They stayed in New York  from the 15th to the 22nd,  then they went to San Francisco.  They returned to Italy on the 5th of September.  They had a good time in the States,  but there was one problem.  After four days in New York,  Maurizio and Laura were tired of American food.  They wanted a plate of pasta.  Spaghetti with tomato sauce  and fresh basil.  “Linguine” with pesto sauce.  “Fettuccine” with mushrooms.  Now, there are a lot of Italian restaurants  in New York,  but they’re not really very authentic.  So Maurizio phoned his aunt Antonia.  Antonia is a journalist.  She writes articles for a big Italian fashion magazine.  She’s married to Frank, an American architect.  She moved to New York ten years ago.  She and Frank have a beautiful apartment near Central Park,  and they’ve got a wonderful view of the city.  Anyway, Antonia is an excellent cook, so she made an authentic Italian meal for Maurizio and Laura.

Johnny Jones likes chocolate. In fact, he loves chocolate. He has Coco Pops for his breakfast, he always has chocolate milk with his lunch, and he likes to have chocolate ice cream for dessert. He often has a Mars bar

for a snack after school, and in the winter, when it’s cold, he likes a nice cup of hot chocolate when he comes home. But what Johnny really likes is his mother’s chocolate cake.

Mrs Jones, Johnny’s mother, is a very good cook. She makes wonderful cakes, and pies, and biscuits. She knows Johnny shouldn’t eat too much chocolate, but Johnny is very insistent. He also understands psychology. He always asks for “just a little piece”. Then he tells his mother that her chocolate cake is “the best chocolate cake in the world”. Mrs Jones can’t resist, and so Johnny sometimes has four pieces of cake!

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