Task 10

Task 10

Paula and John have breakfast at 7:30 every morning. Paula always has tea, but John prefers coffee. John likes bacon and eggs, but Paula can’t stand them. She prefers fruit — just a simple breakfast. But she makes bacon and eggs for John.

Paula works at home and usually has a sandwich – or sometimes just a salad – for lunch. John works in an office and always has fish and chips.

In the evenings, they often go to the cinema. Paula likes thrillers, but John prefers comedies. So one day Paula decides, and the next time it’s John’s turn.

After the cinema they are usually pretty hungry. Now, Paula likes Mexican food, and John likes… Mexican food, too! So it’s not a problem for them to decide what to have for supper.

But there is one small problem, and that is: Where to go? Paula likes the “Old El Paso”, a nice little typical restaurant near the cinema. John prefers the “New Tex-Mex”, a nice little typical Mexican restaurant not far from their apartment. So they have an agreement. If Paula decides on the film, John can decide on the restaurant. And vice-versa.

Bernice Beaton is a freelance PR consultant, that is, a public relations consultant. She works with the PR department — the public relations department — of London Transport. London Transport is the company responsible for the buses and the Underground in London.

Every morning, Monday to Friday — and often on Saturday and Sunday, too — Bernice goes out into the city of London. She stops people in the street, and asks them questions. Do they work in London? Where do they live? How do they get to work? Do they take the bus? Do they take the Underground? What do they

think about the service? What do they think about the traffic? (They always say: It’s terrible!) Have they got any suggestions — to make the service better?

In the afternoon, Bernice goes to her office, and writes a report.

At the end of the day, Bernice is very tired. She’s tired of asking questions, and she’s tired of London Transport. She doesn’t like buses (red is not her favourite colour), and she can’t stand the Underground (she’s a little claustrophobic). She prefers to ride her bicycle to work in the morning, and home in the evening. And if it’s not a nice day, she takes a taxi!

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