Task 9

Video-Task 9

Meg Morrison’s got a new boyfriend. She calls her mother to tell her the news. His name is Robin. He’s handsome. He’s strong. He’s clever. Meg’s mum is surprised because she likes Meg’s old boyfriend, Mark. She thinks Mark is very nice.

Meg speaks to her father. Mr Morrison is interested in Robin’s job: “What does he do?” Meg explains that… uh… he’s… uh… an… accountant! He’s got a good job, in the City. She says.

Now Meg calls her best friend, Ann. “I’ve got something to tell you!” “What is it? Tell me! Tell me!” … Ann is also surprised. What about Mark?

Well, Mark is “an old story”. Robin is the man of the moment. He’s tall, and he’s blond, and he’s very good-looking. He looks like an Olympic swimmer. She says.

Ann has a question: “What does he do?”. But Meg doesn’t really know. He does something in the City. And he makes 150,000 pounds a year. He says.

Julia is twenty-four. She lives in London. She’s a fashion model, and she often works for Vogue magazine. Julia is tall, with dark blue eyes. She’s very beautiful. Of course.

Julia’s boyfriend, Bill, is twenty-two. Bill is small, and he’s not very good-looking, but he’s very nice. He’s a graphic artist, and he’s very clever. Bill is Julia’s new boyfriend.

Julia’s old boyfriend, Steve, is thirty-five. He’s tall and handsome and looks like a movie star. He’s a financial consultant for a big insurance company in the City, and he makes half a million pounds a year. He’s got a beautiful apartment, with a wonderful view of the river. He

s got an expensive car, and he likes going to the best restaurants. The problem is, Steve is not very nice.

Julia is very happy with Bill. When she tells her friends about him, they are usually a little surprised, because Bill doesn’t make very much money, he’s got a small apartment in Peckham (away from the centre), and he drives an old Austin mini. “Oh well, Julia,” they say, “it’s your life!”

It’s true that Bill doesn’t make a lot of money, In fact, he only makes £15,000 a year. But that’s not a problem for Julia. She’s not interested in his money. She makes £15,000 a week.

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