Task 6

Video-Task 6

Veronica Lewis is an incredible young woman. She can do everything.

For example, she’s very good at sports — all kinds of sports. You name it, she can do it. She’s good at golf, and she’s a brilliant basketball player. She’s terrific at tennis, and she’s a superb swimmer. She can even play soccer, and baseball. And for Veronica, skiing is just a normal form of transportation.

Music is another of Veronica’s talents. Can you play a musical instrument? Well, Veronica can play them all. She can play the piano, and the guitar, and the flute; the harp and the violin and the xylophone. You name it, she can play it. And of course, she can sing. Her speciality is Irish folk music.

Now, what about languages? Well, Veronica can’t speak every language in the world — for example, she can’t speak Serbo-Croat. But she can read it — pretty well.

One day, Veronica sees an advertisement in a travel magazine. It’s for a JOB at the Club Méditerranée. “Call Us Today, at the Club Méditerranée”. She has an interview with Ron Jenkins, the Person

nel Director. Ron is very enthusiastic — Veronica is perfect for the job. In fact, in Ron’s opinion, Veronica is perfect.

But John’s boss, Catherine Thompson, the president of the company, is a little sceptical. She can’t believe that Veronica is good at absolutely everything: “Excuse me, Ron, but… has she got any references?”

Well, of course Veronica’s got references! She’s got references from doctors and lawyers, journalists and university professors. She’s even got a reference from Ms Thompson’s brother-in-law, the PRESIDENT of British Airways. So… Veronica’s got a new job!

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