Task 2

Video-Task 2

Linda is American. She’s from New York. She’s a tourist. Paul is Canadian. He’s from Toronto. He’s a journalist. Paul and Linda are on a flight to Sydney. It’s Linda’s first trip to Australia, and it’s Paul’s second trip.


Federica is Italian. She’s from Treviso. She’s a biologist. Bruno is German. He’s from Frankfurt. He’s a writer. Bruno and Federica are on a flight to Buenos Aires. It’s Linda’s first trip to Argentina, and it’s Bruno’s second trip.

Anna Rossi is a tour guide for the Argo Agency in Rome. Her name is Italian, but she’s not. She’s English, from London. She’s 24.

Linda Wilson is British, but she isn’t English. She’s Welsh. She’s from Cardiff (C A R D I F F). This is Linda’s second trip to Italy.

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